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Graduate School Slush Funds

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

I’m currently in the midst of sourcing information for my next QJ post, an analysis of DePaul college of Law’s income and expenditures as it relates to tuition and fees for law students. I have insisted for years that undergraduate schools create graduate schools and law schools solely to fund the growing business enterprise that is their brand (these higher tuition fees are collected by said schools and transferred to the undergraduate educational behemoth). In 2010, I requested information regarding law school fee collection and expenditures from DePaul’s associate Dean in charge of such information. To call her response curt would be a compliment. My thoughts were recently confirmed again when Saint Louis University School of Law Dean Annette Clark announced her leave due to the undergraduate pilfering of her funds for the law school. A link can be found here: More to come…

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